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Hey There ,

My name is Deepanshu Sharma and i am a self-taught blogger. I am in this digital marketing field from the past 5 years and now teaching other peoples to grow their business. I work for the benefits for the people’s and give them the direction they are looking for.

I am passionate about two things (Technology and blogging and Hardwork) and i believe in helping people’s with my abilities and knowledgeable base.In the past as a newbie blogger i did a lot of mistakes and it took me years to understand that and the main motive of mine is to helping other that is no one other would repeat those mistakes.

I am running this blog for the society who are taking their first step into the field of digital marketing. My work is to show people’s the right path , because many newbies don’t know where to go and they watch tons of videos on youtube , Results..They don’t know where to go , what is right , what is wrong and then choose wrong path and in the end they quit the digital marketing field.

My Main Motives Are :-

  • Keep people’s upgrade
  • Provide Quality Content
  • Give People’s the value they are looking for
  • Give Beginners the right direction
  • Help as much as i can
  • Provide the information with good quality

I love to do these things and i am really passionate and dedicate about my work. The content i am providing you are the quality content and i hope that it’ll going to help people’s and provide them the value for which they are coming onto my site.

I wish you good luck 🙂

Have a good journey.

Regards ,

Deepanshu Sharma (TechyCumb Owner)