If you are into the digital marketing field , you must have heard that a reliable hosting is needed to start up a good website for your business or any other work.

Today i am going to give an honest review of hostinger , because i've been using hostinger hosting from the couple of years and i think this is best of beginners.

What Is Hostinger ?

It is a  hosting provider brand that currently has more than 29 million users. The more exciting fact is they have multiplied their user base within 10 years.

Finding a good hosting is hard these days because there are a lot of varieties of hosting with different plans and most of the beginners gets confuse that which one is good for them , and because of lack of knowledge they end up purchasing a very expensive domain or very cheap. Both are not good for a beginner level one..So you needed to know which hosting is for you.

Hostinger provides good hosting in your budget. In addition, it offers a list of free features. 

Why Do You Need A Good Hosting ?

Before knowing why an aspiring blogger Or digital marketer
needs good hosting, you must understand the purpose of web hosting. Web hosting allocates room for you in the internet world. You can use this room as per your need. You can store data files of your website in this rented space on the web.

Through web hosting, people worldwide can view your website whenever they search for your domain. For a common man, it is very costly to build a server on their own. It requires a lot of knowledge, a powerful PC & lots of storage.

So we pick companies that provide web hosting. Web hosting companies like Hostinger bear all the expenses of setting up a server and other back-end works. Maintenance and surveillance are done by them only. You only need to buy a service pack.

Now let’s come to the main point. Good hosting is essential when you want to rank your website in SERPs. Good web hosting will decrease the downtime of your site. And i must tell you one thing that a fast loading site gets rank faster in google.

On average, 30,000 websites are hacked every day. To prevent your website from bad guys or hackers, you need to have good hosting. As they provide dedicated teams to protect their servers.

According to Google , If your site is taking more than 3.9 seconds in getting load , you are losing your visitors. Because no on wait more than 3-4 seconds and it leads to an increase in bounce rate and if your bounce rate is high then you are going to face difficulties in getting ranked in google.

Now, the high bounce rate creates a bad impression, and Google will outrank your website.


According to Google, if the page load time is between 1s to 3s, the bounce rate increases by 32%.

Similarly, getting the load time between 1s to 5s, the bounce rate increases to 70%. If the loading time is between 1s to 6s, the bounce rate increases to 100%.

Awesome Features Of Hostinger Hosting

Here is The Some Cool Benefits Of Hostinger Hosting

1. A high-speed and reliable web hosting

Hostinger hosting is really fast. If we see it's pricing , There is no other shared hosting which is this much fast in this price and hostinger isn't going to disappoint you in any way. 

In shared hosting, hundred other people also expect a good loading time, generally less than 3 seconds.

Hostinger manages all the situations in the back-end. As a result, it provides you with top-notch outcomes.

Below you can some amazing speed stats of hostinger hosting.

Hostinger Review 2021

All of these servers have connections of 1000 Mbps. This high-speed connection ensures constant loading time.

2. Great UpTime 99.99%

Uptime is another metric to check whether hosting is worth buying or not. Most people don’t take uptime as a matter of concern. Uptime can be the reason of the success of your online business and perhaps the reason of failure.

Hostiger review - uptime

Websites needed to be live everytime. If you purchased an cheap hosting in hope for saving some money and your website is getting down everytime , you are eventually losing visitors and sales. And it also Effect Your Ranking In Google

Techy Cumb Hostinger Hosting

Hostinger has excellent uptime; here is the complete analysis of

Hostinger hosting for the past few months. With 99.9% uptime, it completely steals the market of shared hosting.

In the past 12 months, Hostinger has maintained a good uptime.

Hostinger gave 23 hours of downtime in the last year.

3. Litespeed Cache Manager

Hostinger uses LiteSpeed web hosting technology. Litespeed holds the tag of being one of the fastest and reliable web servers. The Litespeed technology easily outranks the apache technology that Godaddy uses.

It has an automatic cache and cache manager to speed up your website. You just needed to enable it, Or you can ask from hostinger support if you are facing difficulties.

In Simple Words. You need to enable automatic cache, creating cached copies of your pages, ultimately cutting down the loading time.

With the purge all function, you can purge all the generated caches in just a single click. Your websites will get more benefits from these options.

You can also install litespeed cache plugin to boost up your site more.

LiteSpeed Plugin General Features:

  • Free QUIC.cloud CDN Cache
  • Object Cache (Memcached/LSMCD/Redis) Support+
  • Image Optimization (Lossless/Lossy)
  • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
  • Minify inline CSS/JS
  • Combine CSS/JS
  • Automatically generate Critical CSS
  • Lazyload images/iframes
  • Multiple CDN Support+

LiteSpeed Plugin Exclusive Features:

  • Automatic page caching to greatly improve site performance
  • Automatic purge of related pages based on certain events
  • Private cache for logged-in users
  • Caching of WordPress REST API calls
  • Separate caching of desktop and mobile views
  • Ability to schedule purge for specified URLs
  • WooCommerce and bbPress support

There are many more features you can learn about them by visiting here

4. Free domain and Zyro Website Builder

Every Plan of Hostinger comes with a free domain and a website builder. That Website Builder is not that good, but it is convenient for those who want to build websites from scratch.

You can make a great website with the help of drag and drop Feature. And there is also custom made templates available for you.

5. H-Panel

Unlikeother hosting companies, you won’t be getting a c-panel; instead of it, an h-panel will be provided to you, and that  is super easy to use. 

What Is H-Panel ?

H-Panel is basically Hostinger's own control panel.

All the major features of the h-panel are provided in one place. The dashboard is clean, and as the icons are significant, it becomes very easy to locate them.

With just 1 click, you can gain access to your website’s h-panel. It’s almost similar to c-panel in some areas like DNS Zones, MySQL databases, file manager, etc.But in many ways it's easier to use as compare to c-panel.

hostinger review techycumb

You must agree that the UI and UX team of Hostinger did a great job by designing the custom dashboard. In hostinger's dashboard , it's become much easier to locate things because it is so neat and clean.

6. Great Support

Support is another metric to judge whether hosting is good or not.

Like , When your site is down for some reason and you tried everything you can but can't able to solve it and if you had cheap hosting at that time so it become a big issue to solve that on your own.

So, along with a good Hosting, you need good support to assist you whenever you face any problem in your blog.

In short, Hostinger’s support is the best i've ever seen. In the beginning whenever i face problems with the hosting or domain i always contact them (To be honest i bothered them a lot Lol...) but they solve all my problems and hostinger also have a blog where they publish answers or articles related to frequently asked questions by the customers.

The only drawback about the support is that you have to wait for 30-60 minutes to get a response from them. This could be a deal-breaker for many, but I personally love their chat support a lot.

7. Cheap Price and Money Back Guarantee

Hostinger plans are very affordable, and anyone can easily afford them. The prices will increase when you renew the hosting package.

However, if things are not working well for you then, you can always ask for a refund. Hostinger provides a 30 Day No Questions Asked Money-back Guarantee.

30 days is considered as the standard for web hosting promises.

And it tooks 7-10 business days to get amount credited into your payment method.

Hostinger Excellent tools to boost your website

Hostinger web hosting comes with some of the excellent tools to speed up your website. Let’s check out them also one by one.

1-Click installer

1-Click installer helps you to install all your favorites in just a single click. You will get the 1 click installer option in Auto-installer.

2. PHP7 Support

PHP developers will be surprised by knowing the fact that Hostinger comes with PHP7 support. PHP7 is considered the biggest PHP release in 10 years. It is way faster than its predecessor PHP5. While benchmarking, it has been noticed that PHP7 is twice as fast as PHP5.

3. GIT Support

GIT is a very advanced and powerful tool. Most of us have heard about GIT but don’t know what it actually does. Git is an open-source control panel introduced for developers. Developers use git to work on their projects swiftly and efficiently.

4. NGINX Caching

This is another crucial reason to go for Hostinger hosting. NGINX Caching boosts website speed by streamlining the content of static websites.

Pros & Cons of Hostinger Hosting

As everything has its own set of pros and cons, similarly, Hostinger web hosting also has a bunch of them.


  • Great uptime
  • Fast
  • Responsive Support
  • Cheap Price
  • Excellent Tools to optimise your blog
  • Simple and Easy to use interface


  • No daily Backups
  • SSL is applied to only one domain.
  • You get only one free domain for each Plan.

Plans & Pricing Of Hostinger Hosting

Hostinger only has 3 Categories in their all plans. All the plans come with a 30 days money-back guarantee. I am putting every detail of those plans.

Hostinger Review Plans Techycumb
Single Shared Hosting Plan

Hostinger is providing a good number of features in a low budget. Here is an overview of those features.

  • Price: Only $1.39 for a month.On renew $2.99.
  • Website: User can host up 1 website.
  • Storage: 30 GB SSD STORAGE
  • Bandwidth: 100 Gb .

This Plan will give you free SSL certificate. You will be able to access WordPress and Cloudflare. Only 1 MySQL database will be provided to the user.

But that will be enough for one website. The most essential point, weekly backup, is also packed in this Plan.

Premium Shared Hosting Plan

Every Plan has some brilliant features. Hostinger is really doing an excellent job by providing more than enough features under premium shared hosting plans.

  • Price: Pricing is starting from $2.59/month. On Renew $5.99
  • Website: Up to 100 websites can get hosted.
  • Storage: 100 Gb SSD STORAGE
  • Email account: 100 email account 
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

With this comes unlimited MySQL databases along with free domain registration. Weekly backups of your website come under this premium shared hosting plan. Also, it gives you SSH access.

Business Shared Hosting Plan

In business shared hosting, your website will not get affected by other users on the server. It gives complete isolation, that’s why the rate is a bit high.

  • Price: Pricing is starting from $3.99/month. I.t renews at $8.99
  • Website: You can host Up To 100 websites
  • Storage: 200 Gb SSD STORAGE.
  • Email account: 100 email account.
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

Domain Registration Is Free With All Plans

Your website will get a free SSL certificate. Daily backups will be done. You will get absolutely free CDN under this business shared hosting plan.

Hostinger plans a complete business package. Free domain and SSL certification (Let’s Encrypt) are really impressive features you are getting with these plans.

Cloud Hosting Plans

Hostinger Review TechyCumb

Cloud hosting also has 3 categories which include various features. I have listed down all the features below. Some other web hosting companies are providing Cloud hosting at a low price. But they are providing fewer features.

Cloud Startup Plan
  • Price: Pricing is starting from $9.99/month. It renews at $18.99
  • CPU: 2 CPU cores are provided per user
  • Storage: RAM 3 GB 
  • SSD- 200 GB allotted per user
Cloud Professional Plan
  • Price: Pricing is starting from $18.99/month.Renewable at $38.99
  • CPU: 4 CPU cores are provided per user
  • Storage: RAM 6 GB
  • SSD: 250 GB allotted per user
Cloud Enterprise Plan
  • Price:Pricing is starting from $69.99/month. It renews at $84.99
  • CPU: 6 CPU cores are provided per user
  • Storage: RAM 12 GB
  • SSD: 300 GB allotted per user

In addition to these features, all the cloud hosting plans include free-of-cost domain registration,
SSL (Let’s Encrypt) certification, unmetered bandwidth, and IP address dedicated to your website

VPS Hosting Plan

Hostinger’s VPS hosting has six different plans. As Hostinger does not provide a dedicated server option so you can opt for the VPS hosting. Six different plans with the range of the features they provide.

  • Price: It ranges from $3.95 to $38.99 per month
  • RAM: 1 GB to 8 GB ram is provided
  • DISK SPACE: starting from 20 GB upto 160 GB SSD storage
  • Bandwidth: 1 TB to 8 TB bandwidth is provided
  • vCPU: 1,2,3,4,6 and 8 cores vCPUS
  • Various range of plans with a wide range of features makes this VPS hosting more attractive. But some of the other web hostings are providing VPS hosting at a cheaper rate. So Hostinger’s VPS hosting is a little expensive.


    Q1. How reliable is Hostinger?

    Any blogger can rely on Hostinger as it provides excellent uptime, Customer support and it is Super easy to use.

    Q2. Is Hostinger suitable for WordPress?

    Hostinger is WordPress-friendly. And you never going to face any type of  issue in Hostinger while working on WordPress.

    Q3. Does Hostinger use cPanel?

    The traditional C-panel is not present in Hostinger. Rather than c-panel, they provide their own control panel, commonly known as H-panel.

    Q4. Is Hostinger better than GoDaddy?

    Everyone’s needs and requirements are different. You may like one hosting that may not be suitable for me, so check the requirements and then go for any hosting. But, as for me, I will go with the Hostinger.

    Q5. Do I need to have the technical knowledge to use Hostinger hosting?

    No, Hostinger already made it easy for beginners by providing their live chat and blog. In case you face any problem, you can quickly fix it with the help of their support executives.

    Hostinger Hosting Review






    Hostinger is A budget friendly and beginners friendly hosting. One of the best provider in the market to start a money making blog at low cost.



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