So , Blog promotion this is one of the major problems every new blogger faces. Many bloggers create great content , design their blog like a pro , proper navigation , etc But if they don’t get traffic then these things doesn’t matter at all. They doesn’t come on google high rank and Hence , it results in demotivation and they quit blogging. In this article i’ve talken about how to promote your blog 2021 and i’ve shared the best tested 9 ways who are gonna help you a lot.

First , you need to understand that desingning a blog , good content are only a small part of blogging the rest you need to try harder to rank your blog on google.

This information is not available anywhere so i decided to show you the right path.

In this article i am gonna give all the answers of about some common question that , how to promote your blog for free , how to promote your blog on instagram , how to promote your blog on social media , and so on. I’ve shared some tips & strategies of mine , so without wasting any time let’s get started.

Some Tips For Blog Promotion

How To Promote Your Blog 2021 - 9 Tried & True Ways To Promote a Blog

Before starting out i must say the thing i am about to share with you guys i’ve been following it since 5 years and i’ve created many successful blogs from it so i hope it’ll help you too. 🙂

Blog Promotion Tips

Strategy 1 

Be Helpful 

The first and main thing of blogging is to become helpful. Write content for your audience not for google search engine.Many bloggers failed because they came up with the mentality of monetizaton only and they write content only according to search engine. I want to ask them..what’s the benefit ? Your site don’t rank until your domain authority gone higher.

Before writing anything think that it is going to be useful for anyone ? If yes then start writing , If no then there is no meaning of writing that article.

Be Unique

You need to write unique content rather then copied because you can’t able to rank with a copied content. Google crawler crawl every page that has been indexed on google and if they find that you’ve copied then there is no chance of getting adsense account approved or climbing up in google search results.

If your conent is unique then you don’t need to promote blog to increase traffic. And after that you don’t ask that how to market my blog for free haha.. 🙂

Always Go With Trend

Always write article on trending topic. If you are writing article on off topics like donald trump became president so tell me how you will get traffic ? You need to be updated so you can keep your audience up to date as well.

Strategy 2

Create Content Searchable

Make your content searchable.If your article in not indexed in google search results then there is no meaning in writing articles.

Do Proper Keyword Research

You need to do a proper keyword research in order to achieve success. If you are writing articles without keywords research then your hardwork is like a mobile sim without a sim card. It is not easy to make your content climb up higher in google search results and in order to do that you need a proper keyword research.

Strategy 3

Make Attractive Images

Create your images eye catching and creative which can grab the attention of your audience.

Make Your Own Images

Many new bloggers and even me use stock photos but i must say that it’ll take only 10 minutes to create a professional images and it’ll make your content unique. If you want to create eye catching images with just 3 simple clicks then click here

Make Your Images More Attractive Using Text Overlays

Many peoples click mostly images by just seeing the text overlay of an image and if you make it attractive then your click through rate will increase automatically.

Use Images To Get More Traffic

Images not only make an article attractive but it’ll help an user to get interest in reading your article.If you know how to make attractive images then facebook and pinterest are the best ways to promote your blog. Content promotion is one of the best things and if you can do it for free , then there is nothing better then it. There are many paid blog promotion services , like if you search how to promote your blog ahref.

But i don’t recommend you to use that because you can get traffic for free. 🙂

Make Your Content Design Attractive

You can assume that many peoples don’t have interest in your topic but they just visit your blog by just get influenced by your content design. So always make sure to make your content design better.

Make Visual Content

From my experience i must say if you make your blog visually attractive then you have more chances to get traffic because peoples need an environment and if you are giving them then there is nobody to stop you getting traffic.

Strategy 4

Make Relationship Better

You need a better relationship with peoples in order to promoting your blog posts or in any online promotion.

Make Relation With Real Users

Don’t always mess with link building, try to make relation with real users also. You will get this thing benefit in future and it’ll benefit you for long term.

Make Loyal Audience

If you have Loyal Audience then give them importance and try to make them feel that they are much valuable in your life.If you don’t have any then try to make Loyal Audience now.

Share Other Peoples Content

This thing is the RELATIONSHIP ECONOMY in this cyber world. You need to give something in order to get. Try to help the people’s who are less knowledgeable then you and trust me this thing gonna help you a lot.

Always Use Social Media To Make Network And Get Engagement Not To Spam

Use social media to make networks and get engagement not to spam. This thing will build a trust on you and try to make them feel that there is no-one better then you for them.

Use Real Name On Social Media

If you are trying to get engagement on social media then always use your name it’ll build a trust on you and make sure to engage with real user , it’ll help you to avoid spamming.

Strategy 5

Identify Your Target Audience

You need to identify your audience in order to rank in google or it’ll help you go higher in rank.

Identify Your Audience For Real

You need to understand the problems of your audience and give them solutions according to it.This thing will help you to build more trust and they’ll become your Loyal Audience. You need to understand the majority of peoples and what they want and then you need to post articles according to it.

Your Content Should Be According To Your Audience

If you content doesn’t meet the requirements of your audience then there is no meaning of the existence of your content. So Make sure to make relevant content for relevant audience in order to fulfill their requirements.

Strategy 6

Make Personal Contact With Your Audience

You need to build relationship with your audience in order to make them fully trust you , it’ll benefit you with that they’ll think that you are always there for them to help them and give them the solutions of their problems.

Send Email To Some Peoples

This is 10x better to email someone the solution of their problem instead of tweet , This thing will make personal trust build and a third person can’t see it. The more email list you have the more chances you have to promote your content with them.

Generate Leads

This was one of the best traffic source (this was one of my favourite). By this methood you can change your traffic into your subscriber by providing them free ebook , software , tools etc. You can get the email of your traffic and send them email to promote your content.

Strategy 7

Find Peoples Who Already Shared Similar Content

You need to find people’s who already shared the content of your competitors but remember in order to make them your own you need to make your content far better then your competitor.

Send Your Content To Specific Targets

Always send your content to the user’s with similar interest otherwise your hardwork gonna go waste.

Approach Top Creators Of Your Niche/Topic

You need to approach the top creators of your niche and ask them to review your content and ask them to give you advices. But this thing only work when you mention those top creators in your content.

Always Add Context While Sharing Your Content

While sharing your content not just share only link , add a quick info about the content you are sharing. It’ll help the user to get a quick idea about your content.

Strategy 8

Use Social Media At The Fullest

If you want to increase the reach of your content so make sure to use the social media in order to do it.

Notice The Post Timing

Always publish your post when your audience is most active and in order to do that you need to identify that when will be your audience become most active.

Share Your Content More To More Places

You need to share your content as much as you can in order to get more reach , engagement and traffic to this article or your content.

Republish Your Older Content

You need to keep your audience updated so in order to do that you need to republish your old content with new information.And it’ll help the new subscribers to get that info which was missed.

Use Pinterest

Make sure to use pinterest in order to get the huge amount of traffic. Nowday’s many blogger use pinterest because they are well known with the power of pinterest and they said that it’s necessary to have a pinterest account.

Strategy 9

Give Proper Time

If you wanna do something but not giving it proper so there is no meaning of doing any kind of hardwork , you are not gonna successful.

Take Baby Steps

It’s ok to grow slower i mean it far better to do nothing. If you want to do something if you have goals to achieve then wake up and start work for it..Nothing can be obtain without hardwork or by just dreaming for it.You can increase your traffic by guest post , ahref site explorer and you need to rule the more websites. You can use ahref blogs in order to get the shows estimated monthly search traffic of any keyword but it is paid so i won’t recommend it to you. And it’s not like that ahref data is accurate.

You need to learn email marketing in order to send your subscribers the promotions link of your content.Share your website link as much as you can.

If you write articles according to ahref and linking to this piece of your blog then the general rule is you can get good results , You can also use data from content explorer.



FactsForest.Com · February 25, 2021 at 11:20 am

I came here from your Quora answer.
You have written a really good and helpful article.
I am also a new blogger. I have really got a lot of motivation after reading your article .. keep writing..
God bless you Brother..❤️

    Nuclear Shadow · February 25, 2021 at 1:10 pm

    Hey There ,
    Thanks a lot for your kind words it means a lot to me..I am happy that you find my articles helpful. Thank you brother.

    Regards ,

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