OK , So you are here because your clickbank account get suspend ? right ? And it  also doesn’t matter how many of them you create , all of them are just getting suspended again and again. So..what is the cause of this thing ?

To be honest , during lockdown in india , lot of people’s get to know about online earning and affiliate marketing is one of them so people’s start creating accounts on clickbank in a huge amount and because of that , Clickbank counts indian accounts as a spam.

Myth : Some people’s said that there is Elections in USA and that’s why people’s accounts are getting suspend on google. So what now ? Elections is over and still the account of people’s on clickbank are getting suspended.

When i started , I also faced this problem. All of mine accounts are getting suspend after 2 days without any reason.

I sent them a lot of mails and they said that they ban everyone’s account who doesn’t verify their email address (I know that you already did , they just making excuses). And then i explained them all the situation and they reactivated my account without asking any id.

So what is the solution now ?

Step -1 : Clear Cache (All Time) From Your Browser And Remove all the Gmails from which you’ve already created an clickbank account.
main reason of getting clickbank account suspended


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