Building a brand can help you build your presence as a person or company. And if you do branding well, it can help make you a lot of money. Branding begins with knowing your goals so you can shape your image.

With a good brand, you can stand out above the pack. Read on to learn how to build a personal brand!

The Basics of Building a Brand - Why It Is Important

Understand What a Brand Is

Wondering how to build a brand? First, you need to know what a brand includes.

A brand is what you project to the people who come into contact with it. A brand also is a visual identity that will distinguish you from the competition. A brand includes text, visuals, and a distinct communication style.

Think of a brand as your voice. You want it to be consistent and memorable. And this boils down to choosing the right language, colors, fonts, and style to get that voice out there.

Know What You Want to Achieve

What is the goal of your business? What do you want people to say about your brand when you’re not in the room?

One of the best places to start when building a brand is with your mission statement. When you know what you’re planning to do — and why — you can craft one. Emphasize how your personality, background, or philosophy makes you unique.

A slogan should be a simple and direct way to tell someone what you do. Since you’ll be slapping a slogan on your web or print copy, developing one deserves your time.

Start by writing lists of keywords or phrases from your mission statement. These may become important to your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy down the road. From there, use strong verbs to show that your brand is ready to take action.

Consider Your Audience

How your brand looks may depend on the type of demographic you want to attract. Not everyone will love your brand. So it’s critical that you figure out where to target your efforts.

If you’re interested in attracting new moms, try to narrow down your audience even more. Look into defining your audience as new moms trying to return to work. You’ll have more success appealing to this more focused group.

It’s a good idea to write down the basic information about the audience you want. List the age, gender, education, hobbies, interests, and geography. Sometimes even the political leanings of your target audience will help.

When it’s time to create social media ads, having this information will make running ad campaigns easier. It will also make them more effective and save you money.

Research the Competition

It might be easier to ignore the competition. But you’ll be better off if you identify who they are — and what their strengths and weaknesses are. When you approach branding with knowledge of the competition, you can find ways to distinguish yourself.

You don’t want to reproduce what another brand is already doing. And if you discover that there’s a competitor with a loyal fan base already, you’ll have a difficult time matching their success. Choosing a different niche might be the better strategy.

Good Design Is Key to Building a Brand Identity

How do you win over new customers? You’ll need a strong logo to get the job done. People will remember a crisp and original design more than a big chunk of text.

Consider the tone of your logo. If you’re targeting a corporate audience, you may want abstracted shapes and limited colors. But if you’re targeting new moms, you might want to emphasize curves, bright colors, and splashy patterns.

Also, understand that your logo will need to work across print and web platforms. It also will need to look good printed in black and white. A quality graphic designer will be able to take your vision and translate it into a winning logo.

Create Your Online Presence

A well-designed website can help you provide valuable information to your customers. Hire a web designer and work with them to get the look you want. They’ll understand how to incorporate the color scheme of your logo and organize content on the pages.

Include product listings, contact information, and your backstory to establish credibility. And use plenty of pictures. You don’t want people visiting your site to see a big wall of text.

Reflect the colors, style, and language on your social media sites, too. It’s never good to seem casual in one place and formal in another. Be consistent!

Promote Your Brand with Targeted Marketing

Marketing is the strategy you use to reach potential customers. Start social media pages and post regularly on them. Collect names of potential clients and send newsletters and email blasts about your latest products.

Also, use search engine optimization (SEO) to your advantage. With SEO, you’ll need to hunt down the words and phrases potential customers would use to find your business.

By choosing targeted keywords, you can build stronger blog posts. They will direct traffic to your website. Make sure that all copy, labels, captions, and hashtags across all platforms use these keywords.

Finally, interact with your readers. You’ll seem more personable and show that you have great customer service. Plus you might discover areas where you need to clarify your products or services.

Create a Successful Brand

Building a brand will help you get your business off the ground. You might have a great product or service. But it’s the identity you project to the world that will help you make the sale or win the client.

To find more information on how you can improve your branding strategy, contact us!


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