If you are in blogging then you must already knew that what is on-page SEO. No doubt that internet is a very noisy marketplace. There are millions of website or blog available on internet , and thousand of blogs are being created daily. And because of this thing , making a unique image of our website or blog is getting harder and harder.If site or blog is not ranked in google then the major problem of everyone is Traffic.

If you are thinking about to increase the traffic of your blog. Then On Page SEO is the only way to rank your site or blog on google and make it visible on internet.

As compare to earlier days the rule of on-page seo are changed totally because google always want to give the best results to their viewers or audience.

Now we can deal with ranking algorithms which includes Hummingbird , Panda , Rankbrain and Semantic are the main one. Google is becoming smart day by day and because of that you need to improve your on-page seo strategies.

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There are many peoples who start their blog but they don’t know anything about SEO and also they don’t know how to implement.

In simple words SEO full form is ( Search Engine Optimization). This includes the techniques if a blogger implement them on their blog then it can rank their blog or site on google easily. The more you are able to rank the more traffic you will get.

Now We are diving SEO in two different categories :- On-page Seo & Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO referes to all those things that you can do on your website to rank it on google. It includes page titles , internal linking , meta tags and description , there are the main things to focused on.

Off-page SEO refers to all those things that you can do outside of your website, this thing gonna help you to get ranked on search engines search results. This includes , social networking , article submission , forum , blog marketing , backlinks etc. These are the main things to get focused on off-page seo.

That’s why i thought to tell you about that what is On-Page SEO and i want to give you all the information regarding this and how you can do On Page SEO in the right way to get good ranking in search engines. Let’s get started.

What Is On-Page SEO | What is SEO ?

What Is On-Page SEO And How Seo Works

On-page SEO (Also called on-site SEO). It refers to the multiple components of a site to optimize it in the right way to get ranked on search engine results.

The aim of the peoples is to set the pages of site to get visible on search engine top pages and get more traffic.

To get the same results you need to optimize content , architecture and HTML code.

The whole On-Page SEO factor is under your control in your website interface. That is why it needed to do the on-page in a good way.

On-page refers to the both content and HTML source code of a single page , and on the other hand Off-page SEO refers to the links and external signals. When both SEO techniques done in a right way then there is no one who could stop your site on getting higher rank.

According to a survey a new user stay on a new website for about 8 sec. The more you make your site engaging or attractive the more user gonna stay on your website and it’ll help to increase the user experience.

How To Do On Page SEO

On-page SEO includes the all on-site techniques and if you implement those techniques to your website you can get higher ranking then SERP.

This use both content and technical elements to improve the quality of page. The more you done on-page SEO perfectly the more you are going to get relevant traffic

These are the main aspects of on-page SEO :-

  • Title tags
  • Headings
  • URL structure
  • Alt text for images
  • Site speed
  • Internal Liks
  • Meta descriptios
  • Responsiveness

On Page SEO Techniques

So now i am going to tell you how to do on-page SEO to get better ranking on google and get traffic. These are the techniques which i personally use. We are going to learn the On Page SEO techniques and that can be implement on articles.

Title Tags are those HTML elements which are used to give a name to webpages and that name display on SERPS clickable result title.

All title tag should be unique , descriptive , and should be giving the information about the page that what is that page is about and what is the content on that page refers to. Title tags should be optimize with keyword and the length should be 60 characters.

Headings are those which you’ve given to your content , to get more better results it should be in H1 format. Headings should always focused on relevant and descriptive words. And it would be optimize with keywords so that it doesn’t look like stuff.

You can also breakdown your content in small parts , to do this you can use subheadings (H2 to H6). But remember your keywords or phrases not repetition on your post.

URL Structure plays a big role , when search engines determine that how much a page will be relevant for a query.And it should be little bit descriptive according to page subject. You can optimize your URLs with keywords until they are relevant. Example :-

https://techycumb.com/about-us/ is far better then https://techycumb.com/12-10-2021/about-us.html

Alt Text or alternative text search gives a lot of information to search engine in case of an image. Mostly it’ll use to describe the image to crawlers. I already told you in my previous article that google crawler can’t able to read an text that is why you need to provide an Alt text.

Alt text should be specific and descriptive for an image content , it would be 125 character or less then it. And it should be optimized with keywords or phrase if they are appropriate.

Page Load Speed plays a vital role because if your site had slow loading speed then it’ll increase your bounce rate. According to a survey 47% peoples want to that the site would be load within 2 or 4 seconds , but about 40% leaves your site if it doesn’t load in 4 seconds.

Some peoples say’s that search engine penalize slow loading pages to lower ranking. That’s why you need to work on your website loading speed. According to google you site would be open within 3.4 seconds if your site is taking more then it for getting fully load then you should work on page loading speed.

Internal Links helps visitors to navigate on your website easily and as well as it help search engines in order to understand your site and to index pages to get higher ranks easily. This is the least thing you can do on your website , link back to you category or subcategory pages.

Meta Descriptions are much important. Because it’ll give a quick info about the content you’ve posted on your blog to visitor on search results. Meta description summarize the content to web users and give a reason that why they need to read your article. The length of meta description should be 150 characters.

Keywords is the most important thing in every site or blog. Keywords are those element who helps you to reach out your audience and get better ranking on search engines. You need to do a proper keyword research in order to get better results.

If you want to get better results then you need to select keywords properly according to search volume and competition and needed to implement carefully because keyword stuffing might be a issue for most of the peoples.

Importance Of Content Of On-Page SEO

Technical aspects are important and there on-page SEO is very crucial element because it’s the thing which are going to get you the traffic.

But nowdays peoples don’t understand the importance of content. Today’s web users always want relevant , interesting , engaging and informative content who fulfill their need their requirements.

The various kinds of contents are :-

  • Blogs
  • Web Page copy
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Whitepapers
  • Ebooks
  • Interviews
  • Case Studies
  • Original Research
  • Reviews
  • Instructional Articles
  • Quizzes And Poles

Users don’t like the content in which they need to do registration or copyrighted material.

Difference Between On Page SEO And Off Page SEO

If you ask to any successful blogger then the only answer they’ll give is on page SEO and off page SEO both are required in order to make a successful blog. In case of blog search engine ranking these 2 SEO factors works are totally different.

So now let’s check what’s the difference in these two SEO.

  1. On-page SEO refers to that what is your site or your page is about
  2. Off-page SEO refers to how much your site is authoritative and popular.

In simple words , if you want to rank then you must use on-page factors and if you want to know how much you can rank then you must use off-page factors.

Off-page SEO is the set of those factors who are occur in other website and who helps to get the good position in search engine results page (SERPs).

The major factors of Off page SEO :

  • Link that are happen to be in other websites points towards your site or blog.
  • User behavior and engagement in your website
  • Shares On Social Media
  • The name of your brand across web

There are a lot of ways from which you can do your website promotion. Example : link building , social media promotion etc.

Why On Page SEO Is Important ?

Most of the peoples have the basic knowledge about the SEO in which they only know how to add keywords in pages. No doubt that keywords is best for on page optimization but along with that they need other things to be care of and needed to implement those things in their sites or blog.

You are going to know about these things in on page optimization :-

  • Keywords
  • Copywriting
  • Media
  • Links
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Conversions

All bloggers need to understand the SEO factors and need to execute them properly because it’ll rank you higher on google search results.

What’s The Importance Of User Friendly Website In On-Page SEO

On-page factors include both front end (content) of your site and backend (HTML Code).

Google algorithm check your website quality and user friendliness , know here how :

  1. Their bot crawler interact with backend.
  2. And real human interact with front end

Before going on other on page factors let’s talk about why user friendly website binds them together.

You can control and things in your site but you can able to control the time of how much a user is staying on your website , but a user friendly website can influence a user to stay longer on your website.

If the content of your front end is not appealing , user friendly and relevant then most of the peoples are going to leave your site and it’ll effect the bounce rate of your website.

If you are doing On-Page SEO then keep in mind that a user-friendly experience means that if any user visit your site then :

  • They can identify clearly that on which topic your page or site is about
  • That page should fulfill the needs of that user and it should be relevant (according to their search keyword)
  • They should feel that this page is best and no one other can give this type of information

What Are The Major Factors Of On-Page SEO

Well there are many factors in on page but we are talking about the main one and specific factors.

Actually we can divide these factors into two parts , front-end and back-end factors.

Front-End Factors :

These are the factors which is visible to the user on your site or blog. Let’s know in brief

  • Value : Are you giving the value to your users ? Headlines , Topics and images are the main things.
  • User Experience : Is your site is loading faster ? is your site is easy in navigation ? can anyone open your site from any device ?
  • Keywords And Content : Is your keywords and content are optimized ? in simple words , are you using those keywords which is being search on search engines ?

Backend Factors:

In case of backend, Google had made some relevance opinions about pages  example :

  • Bot-Friendliness : Is your data is organized from which google search engine bots can scroll it easily and on which topic your page is about ?
  • Metadata : Is your HTML codes contains the information about your pages ? Like meta descriptions , URLs , and title tags etc.
  • Mobile-Friendliness : Is your site is optimized properly for mobiles ? is your site design is responsive ?

Both front and back end matters if the matter is of SEO.

Conclusion :

I hope you will got the idea that what is on page and off page seo and what is seo in digital marketing.

There are many seo services and seo tools and some of them are free seo tools are available in the marketing and if you are on wordpress then you are lucky because on wordpress you have a option to install yoast seo which is best of seo analysis and seo optimization of an page.

I’ve gave you the idea about the seo and these tricks works on both google seo and youtube seo. WordPress seo is easier because of plugin and it’s really necessary to create a seo blog in order to get traffic.If you want to learn seo then i am here for your , there are many seo course available but i don’t recommend you to buy , wanna know why ? because your brother is here to teach you..hahaha

I hope you understood the seo meaning and what seo marketing is , there are many seo checker available but have trust on yourself.You can run site audit in order to know the issues of your sites and use google analytics.

Don’t just post article on random topic , do a proper keyword research and check monthly search volume.

So now with that’s it..let’s end the today’s topic…See you in next one 🙂 Have a great blogging.


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