Why Is Blogging So Important to Digital Marketing?

Every year new articles are published claiming that blogging is dead. They say that blogging is no longer an effective digital marketing strategy. Is it true?

While the playing field is constantly shifting, blogging is still one of the ways that successful brands create awareness, build trust, and convert leads.

Do you need some convincing that blogging should be an essential part of your digital marketing strategy?

Let’s take a look at the intimate connection between blogging and marketing, and why content marketing should be an important part of any digital marketing services that you offer or purchase.

Boost Your SEO

When you utilize the full power of having a blog, it can do a lot to help boost your SEO. When you optimize your blog posts, you are making it so your website is more visible to those who type in keywords that are associated with your service or product.

By positioning your site as a place that had relevant answers to your customers’ questions, blogging is an essential way to boost your SEO.

When writing blogs, it’s more important to produce information that is relevant to your audience rather than articles that promote your own product and service. This is because you are trying to provide value to the viewer rather than sell them something. People are quick to bounce off of sites when they feel like they are looking at an advertisement rather than an informative article.

Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website

There are a number of different types of traffic that can end up at your site. These include organic traffic, direct traffic, and paid traffic. Out of these, organic traffic is ideal because it is free and highly targeted.

When an individual types a search term or phrase into Google, they have a problem they are trying to solve. When you have an effective blog, those audience members can be driven to your site to help them solve their problems and potentially to help you gain a new customer.

When a website organically ranks in the top positions in Google, it makes it so readers are much more likely to trust them. When traffic arrives from Google organically rather than from a paid ad on Facebook or elsewhere, they are much more likely to convert.

Develop Better Customer Relationships

We’ve all been to brand websites that hardly have any information on them. With a single page with some contact info and maybe a picture, it’s not easy to build a connection or relationship with a company when they aren’t giving you much to go by.

When you start blogging and marketing in a way that connects to your target customers, you are creating another layer of depth to create a stronger connection with the customer. Blogging offers customers the opportunity to get familiar with your brand right on your online hub: your website.

By being a source of valuable information to your audience, you will help build trust and authority. People are constantly Googling questions online to help make their lives easier and help them understand the world. When your site has the answer they’re looking for, you are helping to build a bond between your brand and the customer.

Blogging is also a great way to interact with your customers. When readers leave comments under your blog posts, take this opportunity to respond and engage. If they’re asking a question about your services, products, or company, be sure to respond in a timely fashion with a helpful message.

Other readers will see you engaging with those who have commented. This is important for your brand reputation as it’s good to be seen as accessible and responsive.

Position Your Brand as a Leader in the Industry

When you’re writing a blog, you aren’t just trying to boost your global or local SEO. While some blogs obviously exist only for that purpose, the most successful blogs are so much more.

A successful blog is a resource to your readers first and foremost. Sure, your blogs will be optimized for SEO to ensure that you are ranking as highly as possible, but this comes second to the quality of the information you’re providing.

Sometimes it can be hard for new bloggers or small business owners to think this way. How could anyone see my tiny service or store as an industry leader?

Try to imagine some of the brands that you hold in high regard, and consider their own origin story. All companies started somewhere, and there’s nothing that holds you back from becoming an industry leader yourself.

When you consider the brands you see as industry leaders, take the opportunity to visit their websites. What’s there? Mountains and mountains of useful, well-written, and free information for the audience.

Whether you offer digital marketing services or you run a hotdog stand on the corner of 8th and Main, you have the power to boost your brand from unknown to local hero through blogging.

Boost Brand Awareness

A common goal of digital marketing campaigns is the desire to boost brand awareness. The more aware of your brand your target customers are, the more likely they are to buy your product or service when they find they have a problem your industry can solve.

The best way to boost your brand awareness isn’t to bombard your audience with ads. In this day and age, people are so overexposed to advertisements that they can actually have the opposite of the desired effect. While there are a number of other strategies you can use, one of the most effective brand awareness boosting tactics is publishing custom content.

Increasing your own brand awareness doesn’t have to stop at your own blog. Consider creating custom content to share on other blogs too. Doing this is known as guest posting, and it can be an effective and powerful way to become a thought leader in the industry.

Whether you are writing guest posts or publishing articles on your own blog, you’ll want to make sure that your producing content that is valuable and memorable. There are hundreds of millions of blogs out there, so you’ll want to go the extra mile and create a lasting impression.

Blogging Can Help You Understand Your Audience

When you are facing the question of how to start a blog, it’s easy to focus entirely on the audience. What do they want? How can I appeal to them?

In reality, though, the benefits of blogging are a two-way street. When you start a blog for your digital marketing company or small business, you are offering an opportunity to learn more about who your customers really are.

One of the important aspects of blogging is coming up with topics that will be relevant to your target audience. Doing so can help you understand what makes your customers tick and how they think.

On top of that, blogs are a place where you can capture analytics that helps you understand your audience. You can understand which topics are popular and which ones weren’t a hit, which content is being shared most frequently, and even things like what time of day people are most likely to read your site.

When you know as much as possible about your potential leads, you have a lot more power to help nurture and guide them through the sales funnel.

If you’re having a hard time starting a blog, sit down and think about your interactions with your current customers. What are the five most common questions you’ve received from clients? These questions are perfect topics for your first five blog articles.

Lead Generation and Conversion

Having a high-quality blog that you consistently publish content on is a great way to keep your clients engaged with your site. When your content addresses the issues your clients have, offers them solutions, and answers their questions, your traffic can transform into qualified leads.

Blogging is one of the best ways to help keep your potential customers traveling along the customer journey. With each blog article they read, the more your brand is being implanted into their mind and memory. When it comes time for them to make a purchase in your industry, your brand will be the first on their mind.

Blogging: An Essential Aspect of Digital Marketing

Even though the world of blogging and changed and transformed over time, it is still an essential aspect of any digital marketing campaign. Creating useful and informative content for your audience is one of the most effective ways you can create brand awareness and establish yourself as an authoritative and trustworthy brand.

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